Most initial visits take 45 minutes. Please note that I run exactly on time so please make every effort to arrive on time, as each session must end on time out of respect for the client with the next appointment. You will not need to wait to see me at your allotted time slot.

Please bring with you to your first session:
1—Your medical insurance card. It must be either a plastic card or a printout from your insurance company’s website. It cannot just be a photo on your cell phone because I need to make a copy and scan of it.
2—In New York State doctors can no longer write paper prescriptions so if you choose to start a medication I need to send your prescription through my computer directly to your pharmacy. Therefore please bring with you the name, address, phone number and especially the zip code of a pharmacy where you would like me to send your prescription to.
3—Please bring with you a list of all your current and past medication trials.
4—During our first session we will sit and talk about what brings you to see me. I will ask you about your current mental state (depression, anxiety, ADHD), your past psychiatric history, a list of medications you may have tried in the past. I will also ask you about your medical health, sleep patterns, medication allergies, level of alcohol consumption and any substance abuse. Included in the history taking will be questions about your family members’ psychiatric and medical histories.
5—Most clients meet with me on a monthly basis when starting treatment in order to adjust medications but then much less frequently as treatment progresses.
6- Please bring payment for your copayment and/or deductible. I accept cash, credit cards, and HSA credit cards.  I do not accept checks or American Express.
7—Please read the two forms under the FORMS TAB. One form is called a HIPPA form and it describes how your medical records are kept confidential.  You will be given a copy of the HIPPA form during our first session to read and ask questions about it. You are not obligated to sign it but I am obligated to give you a copy of a HIPPA form to read.   You will be asked to sign a form that says that Dr. Campione gave you a copy of the HIPPA form but again you are not obligated to sign it.
The second form to read prior to your first visit is the general consent form for my private practice. There are no forms for you to fill out or print out prior to your first session. All you need to do is read them on this website under the FORMS TAB please so that we may discuss them in our first session.

Initial Psychiatric Visit in Manhattan, NY

Michele Campione, M.D. ​